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Avatar Today stemmed from the womb of an investigative perception to prioritize hard news and it also understands the responsibility of just media. The journalistic ethical heights in Avatar Today are of prior importance with objectivity, fairness, completeness, and accuracy as strong influences on the profession.

We stress on the fact that no news story by Avatar Today would be harmful as to break up the country in the rat race for breaking news among news channels. Our perception in online media reporting is very ordinary and the beauty of it is we do things in an extraordinary way.

Avatar Today depict the sharp eyes of observance of minute details and the fearless attitude to delve full-fledged into matters of conspiracy and deceit online. We do impact on perception, knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of many things as time unfolds in our journey to reach the mass.

Media can be a great source of wisdom and knowledge but we realize its impact on our society, our family, our kids and our self. Avatar Today act as a mediator between power-holders and the common man. India lives in villages and about 70% of the country is rural. Media plays a very constructive and responsible role in informing and influencing these people.

With changing times, the need for a mediator between the power-holders and the common people has risen and here we are – Avatar Today in the forefront of every single news revolution.

Owing to the prevalent levels of literacy, the dissemination of information by means of the written word goes much deeper in Kerala than elsewhere in India. We take up the challenge in transforming the written word into online reading culture thereby delivering front line information to the common man through us.

Policies of Avatar Today

As charity forms the mainstay of Avatar Today, we are pledged into helping poor and needy from the profits attained through the advertisement. Our aim is to fight against cancer pertaining to the society and body.

We at Avatar Today deliberately do not accommodate or invite advertisements pertaining to the antisocials and who are not righteous particularly who lack integrity.

Avatar Today will never stand for advertising or propagating anythings harmful to human life or health, or any commodity which misleads and cheats the people or society.

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