Women in cinema collective, a group of pseudo intellects who loves to blabber anything in the name of feminism?

ParvathyThe hottest talking topic in Malayalam film industry is now the comments made by Parvathy on the movie ‘Kasaba’. During the open forum discussion at the IFFK, the ‘Take Off’ actress lashed out against Mammootty for making mean comments on the entire women community on the movie ‘Kasaba’. Throughout the speech, Geethu Mohandas, and Rima Kallingal who were there at the stage supported Parvathy for her words against the movie.

We, Avatar Today admit that ‘Kasaba’ is not a cult movie, and it is a half-baked police story from Nithin, the son of firebrand writer Renji Panicker. But do these ladies, who proclaim themselves as the face of ‘Women in Cinema Collective’ (WCC) have any right to question the rights of expression of a story writer or director?

Parvathy: A pseudo-intellect in the making

Even if we leave the ‘right of expression’ point, the comments made by Parvathy seem baseless, as it is just a character in the movie who utters this dialogue. According to Parvathy, the dialogue has conveyed a wrong message to the audiences. So, what is Parvathy expecting from a movie?, a moral science class or a Bible recitation. Even if you recite Bible on the theater screen, we will see traces of vengeance and forgery, and then pseudo-intellects like Parvathy will shout like a barking mad dog stating that it conveys a wrong message to the audiences.

Let Avatar Today convey a small message to Parvathy? “Dear Parvathy, cinema is a mirror of the society, and you will find both good and bad in it. As a person who holds the basic discrimination power, you should absorb the goodness and should expel the evil. The character of Zachariah Pothen in the movie ‘Kasaba’ is a womanizer, and we can easily expect such a dialogue from a filthy person. Will any womanizer chant ‘Shri Rama Stotram’ to a lady coming in front of him. Mammootty is an actor, and it is his duty to portray any kind of characters, no matter it is positive or negative.”

“Parvathy, we would also like to remind your first movie, ‘Notebook’, a film in which you acted the character of a girl who betrays her best friend. Did it convey a good meaning to the public? In the movie, ‘Maryan’, you did a deep lip lock with Dhanush, did it go well with family audiences? In Charlie, you played the role of a free bird who unveils the color of her life. Will any parent accept if their child goes like this?”.

“And Yeah, I forgot to tell a word about the most crucial thing, your interview with R J Mathukutty. To be frank, it was a real verbal diarrhoea. In the midst of the interview, you were seen smoking hukka. From your mannerism, it can be easily made out that you are smoking it just to show your extra-spine which you claim to have. Dear Parvathy, at least learn to smoke before portraying it on camera. You have to first inhale it properly, then it should reach your lens, and finally you should exhale it in style. Sorry, I deviated from the core point. You gave an interview with hukka on your lips, and did that give a good message to the public?”

Cinema: A filthy world protected by artistic elements

“Dear Parvathy, Rima, and Geethu Mohandas. Please understand that you are working in the filthy world of cinema, where alcohol, women, drugs and all evils under the sky join hands in the most vicious manner. The only saving grace of this industry is the art involved in it. So, keep this printed in your mind, smoking in interviews, and making bizarre comments will not make you intellectual, and it will, in turn, evolve you as an itching bacterium in front of Malayali audiences”.

And many times, you have talked about the casting couch in the industry. Do you dare to reveal a single name? You will not, as your spine is too weak to expose the hidden truth. “So sit tight, enjoy the show and limelight, earn money for your future by hook or crook. Do not bother the Kerala audiences with your so-called intellectual verbal dysentery.

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