US SC rejects Trump administration’s DACA plea

US SC rejects Trump administration’s DACA plea

Acting in support of the childhood arrival’s right to live in the United States, the Supreme Court of the US has declined to consider the petition filed by the White House against the lower court ruling that prevented the administration from scrapping the Obama-era Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals law which protests the ‘childhoods arrival’ immigrants from deportation.

The DACA at present protects nearly eight lakh immigrants, who reached the United States as children. Of these eight lakh, at least eight thousand immigrants are Indian-origins.

Since the induction, Donald Trump, the US president, has been taking anti-immigrant policies, as expected.

From the Mexican wall, to the DACA, each and every action he has taken in the front of immigration has been well-planned and has been rightly targeted against the, so-called, illegal immigrants.

In a sense, he has paid justice to the promises he given during the run-up to the US presidential election.

The new developments indicate that though the Democrats, the opposition, is struggling to defend the rights of the vulnerable marginalised sections such as immigrants, the court is not shying away from doing the duty, which is supposed to be done by the opposition, and has, to an extent, find success in certain fronts for the time being.

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