The remedy for your problems lies within you and you have to find it out. People don’t undergo penance, that’s why they do not get proper solution. Swami can help you only once, and cannot promise his service always. Swami shall light a small lamp in the darkness of your life. It is your responsibility to retain it so that you need not travel in darkness. Swami can only caution about traps and threats ahead; decision to avoid traps or falls is left to you and is precisely in your own hands.

Each and every planet can influence human’s character, activities and state of mind. Whatever has to happen will happen but we can reduce the intensity of the misfortunes and catastrophe by resorting to suitable remedies. For example, nobody can control rain but by carrying an umbrella we can overcome the situation. God has given solutions to rewrite our bad fate through Swami’s unique technique of AURA MECHANISM for only those who deserve it, will get it, others will curse their fate and continue the miserable life.

Mind is the cause of all sorrows. Mind is like a bridle-less horse, you must control it using a bridle which is the brain, and only then the chariot of life will reach the right destination. The mind of a person is like a greedy female and the eyes of that person are like her lover. The lover’s eyes will capture things and delivers it to the mind. Then the mind will start developing problems, as vision creates desires. Even if you are a successful person at times he/she may lose control over his/her mind and then start facing failures in life.

Swami can be approached only by pious souls who are RICH by character, rather than material wealth for his accurate predictions and for his unique yet proven scientific techniques like ‘Aura-Scan, Aura Construction and Aura Rejuvenation’. This is Swami’s magnificent and fabulous services which has not been offered by anyone, till date and in near future. Swami’s services are provided on the basis of advance appointments.

Swami can see through a person’s AURA and identify their problems through his fiery eyes in a jiffy. He offers solutions to one’s problems through his rare and unique SIDDHI’S which is exclusive only to Swamiji. Acquiesce your problems to him and experience the transformation in your life. Being a Seer with ESP, he was honoured with Mother Teresa award from the ministry of Kerala for predicting Tsunami.

Swami has experimented on his powers to manipulate the Aura of a person and find out the credibility of that person. His research on the Aura of a human being and the science of repairing a damaged Aura has been developed by him and termed as AURA MECHANISM. His research on Aura Scan, Aura Rejuvenation and Aura Construction has helped to cleanse the Mind, Soul and Body of many people who approached him and it has been proven without doubt that aura works could keep the problems and health issues at a low ebb, to whomsoever it had been showered up on. He has put forth that a person with an intact and powerful Aura can fulfill their dreams. A person with a weak Aura can never succeed even though lots of opportunities come their way.

Swami specializes in occult science with a piece of mastery in Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Mole Reading, Face Reading, Pendulum, Gemology, Holistic Healing, Tantra, Mantra, Yantra and Yoga. He can dictate your destiny by Aura Construction, Aura Scan and Aura Rejuvenation. Blessed by Almighty are those who render his unique services. The fortunate seek him, the unfortunate wander away from him.

Swami is programmed in such a way that he has the key to decode the points responsible for a person’s success and drawbacks which hinders their progress. He has the vital key to open the locks of your inner being and lead you on the path to success and well being. This can be achieved only if he sense that the person who approached him is divine and in some way blessed and serve the society. He is the beacon of light for your future whatever position you hold. Your pain, confusion and sorrow can be eased by his mystical means.

AURA MECHANISM : Destiny Redesigned

The root cause of everybody’s sorrow is lack of advice and solutions on ones problems, on ways to lead a successful life and resolutions for peace and harmony in our existence.

Analyze the root cause of your problems, why, when, how and redeem appropriate solution. Helps you to know about yourself and your future. Gives you the routes for the safest journey of your life.

We help you to get rid of the unwanted troubles in your life and providing remedies for smoothing your journey. The unique way to achieve and fulfill the dreams in you. Brings you the tuneful energy into the domestic bliss.

Aura works can be done for the safety of your Children, Partner, Business and Yourself. This can be effectively applied for people who wish to become successful in their fields of activity and may be utilized for safeguarding your precious life too.

THE TARGETS : Aura Mechanism can be done for people from the creamy layer and is also functional to houses, business places and other dwellings.

BLISS OF AURA MECHANISM : Human life in this earth always craves for peace of mind, the prime goal in a living being. Peace is sought when our hopes and wishes are attained without any hindrance. This attribute to a human, can be gained by getting one’s aura maneuvered according to our way of life.



The field of light or energy, a photonic vibration response to an external excitation encompassing a living being and stemming unique characteristics pertaining to that being is AURA defined.

The imperceptible energy, halo or luminous radiation encircling our body is called AURA. A person with healthy AURA will always be happy and endure peace of mind. We get attracted or repelled by a person depending on the magnetic waves emanating from the AURA.


Separation of married couples owing to lack of compromise, instantaneous fights, failure in professional life, increase in depression and suicidal tendencies occur due to problems in the AURA. Also, variances in the energy level pertaining to the AURA are the main culprit behind physical and mental illness.

The energy of seven planets and two satellites creates 31 forms of vibrations. These vibrations impact our AURA. Our elevation, pitfalls, happiness and misery hinge on the reverberations of our AURA. We have seen that, despite being a very capable person, sometimes all sorts of hardships and issues will be frequenting that person. For example Kerala’s Ex CM Oommen Chandy, Michael Jackson, Pramod Mahajan and many more personalities’ life experiences can be understood if we enquire with their consociates.


AURA SCAN: Understanding and undermining the flaws in the aura of a person and streamlining it by conquering its deficits, forms the main focus of Aura scanning. Aura scanning can be effectively accomplished to interpret your future and elude the veiled dangers lying up ahead in one’s life.

AURA CONSTRUCTION: Aura of a person is the focus to various wears and tears, like a mountain is exposed to nature’s whims. Mountains sustain, but humans plummet as calamities embark in.

The aura is fine-tuned and manifested to be devoid of any pits or holes in unique ways employing color, light and sound apt for one’s aura. Similarly the aura can be designed by this practice in a manner so as to overcome the obstacles in our future endeavors in all walks of life.

AURA REJUVENATION: To attract positive people and situations into your life, rather than negative ones.

AURA CLEANSING: To remove negative impressions from past relationship experiences from your energy field, and enhance the opportunity for newer one and fine-tune your Love Magnet.

To enhance money and prosperity, dispelling negative energy to improve the overall flow of your personal prosperity. There are many reasons as to why we should rejuvenate our aura, like clearing away the negative energy will improve the overall flow of our aura energy and lend greater strength to our life goals.


“Experience the inner evolution and inspire the bliss in you”

Bhakthi – Yukthi – Mukthi, Enriching Meditation, Enthralling Music Healing, Spiritual Elevation, Yoga Workouts. The evolution of your Soul, Mind and Body begins here. Through ADHYATMIKA, we help you evolve into a state of harmony whereby the travel of mind, body and soul is directional.

Muscle Relaxing: Boosting your immune system by reducing the toxins in you and promoting anti aging and the perfection of your body through the unique programmed actions of Life Art in a Universal Rhythm and dance of cosmic fusion. The evolution of your Soul, Mind and Body begins here!

Modulation Of Yoga Based On The Individual: Each individual is a unique creation in this world. Lifestyle and economic background forms the mainstay for a person’s life span and health. Modulation of one’s own body to match the lifestyle in relation to his/her anatomy is cumbersome. As personalized medicines have come of age so is YOGA. We modify the yogic practice depending on the way a person carries himself. An obese person has lighter yogic postures so as to enable him to blend into the realms of yoga with ease and a trim individual will be blended into the more rigorous postures enabling him to reap the benefits best suited for him. Yoga will always go hand in hand with your life style. We transform your mundane lifestyle into an energetic and positive outlook through our yogic practice. Experience this blend of yoga and transformed lifestyle trend to lead a healthy and energetic life ahead.

ENRICHING MEDITATION: Here we explore the eventual method of Meditation, a phenomenon that is beyond words and we can only have the feel of it. Through cosmic trance, we help you evolve into a state of harmony whereby the travel of mind and soul is directional. Experience the inner evolution and inspire the bliss in you.


ATTITUDE ALWAYS MATTER: You stand where you are depending on your attitude. A small change in attitude will work wonders. The perspective of life differs in each individual. Some prosper, whereas some fail miserably. Why? Have you ever thought of it? In this scenario, attitude plays a very important role in your life. A small smile or a nod can change your attitude towards others in fleeting seconds. We blend in your thoughts and your communications into a balanced mode and help in putting forth your aims in life with a right perspective of attitude so as to gain success.

Life is short but attitude prolongs it! Help your atma through healthy ageing



If You Want The Answer; Ask The Question


  •  How is your Fate, Luck, Planetary powers and the state of your Life?

The NAVAGRAHAS/ 9 planets and the energy from our aura, render us good or bad times and joy or sorrow. Many do not know the root cause of their problems. That is why most of the lives are cried out and finished based on their ignorance. Likewise if we try to analyze time to time the effect of planetary positions on our daily karma and identify the gains and loss of the energy influencing our aura, only then will we be able to overcome the problems and find solutions to them in our life.

  • What type of Education can make your child successful?

Children are the hope of the next generation. Molding children according to the desires of the parents, setting other children as examples for our child’s growth and forcing them into positions according to our thoughts, which do not fit their taste and fate, can cause utter failures in our children’s life instead of a successful career ahead.

  • Which Career is successful for you?

Everyone does not attain success doing business. We must realize beforehand if it is perfect and appropriate for us to be an employer or an employee. Job or career chosen according to our Star sign only can help us be successful in our career.

  • Is your Future safe?

If the knowledge on what is going to happen is achieved today itself it will be a big blessing. Nobody can stop rain but can protect themselves by holding an umbrella. Any traps and attacks on your way can be prevented if known earlier. The intelligent will work for making their future safe and will surely lead a joyful life.

  • Is your family Wealthy and Blessed?

Is the happiness, bliss and love disappearing from your family as life moves on. Most of the families are in sorrow and trouble. Many hide it and appear happy. In such circumstances we need to find out the real problem behind it and not doing that will lead to the destruction of the foundation relating to a happy family.

  • Do you know the technique to defeat your Enemies?

Enemies are always a threat. Enemy, fire, disease, debt, thorn in the foot, all this should be removed immediately, leaving nothing behind. None knows the ultimate truth that any great enemy can be destroyed easily by ourselves, and that is why we fail in front of the hurt caused by our enemies.

  • Is your life Spiritual?

Many have different opinions about spirituality. Many discuss on spiritual matters similar to a blind person describing an elephant. Nobody knows the ways of elevating themselves spiritually. That in itself is the main reason for a great loss and ruin in human life.

  • Will your soul attain Moksha (Salvation)?

No amount of name or fame can bring salvation or moksha to a human being. Many waste their lifetime without doing KARMAS’ pertaining to attain Moksha (salvation). The soul has no death and the body is the shield for the soul and after a fixed time the body will merge into the five elements of nature. In that precise situation the greatness of Moksha (salvation) will be realized. Men filled with all luxuries, living in ignorance will struggle for Moksha (salvation) when it is time for the soul to leave the body and this is a very pathetic sight.


In serving Children, humanity is served. Children are the promises of tomorrow. The fervent wish of any parent is to secure the future of their children. Any parent giving thoughts on the quality of life their dear children ought to ensue must also be aware of their AURA. Few children as they grow lead a depraved life, get addicted to drugs and alcohol eventually not performing in studies and succumbing to death, a common sight these days. The main reason behind all such happening is the negative vibrations of the AURA.

If the AURA of a person is resilient then nobody can deteriorate or destroy that person. The first thing parents must do when a child is born is to query about the AURA and the benefits and detriments relating to the AURA of their child within nine day’s of birth. Only if we are aware about our AURA can we be tenable of our future. A person with a very strong AURA will be greeted with delight and people will be tuned to render any sort of help to them.


Satellites emit signals and the energy is felt, but not seen. Bio weapons like bio needle emit radiation, but not seen. In the same way Black Magic can cast its spell, but never be evident.

The effects of Black Magic become more severe, dangerous and fatal with time, if untreated, like a chronic disease. It starts spreading like a wild fire, creeping into mind, brain, body, relationships, attitudes, work, money, marriage, career and everything in life. It destroys us and terminates our aura permanently.

Antidote for Black Magic: Protection and Shield against Black Magic include strengthening the Aura Energy of an individual by Aura Mechanism which is the most powerful tool for protection and cure from Black Magic. This unique and highly potent vibrant powerful AURA MECHANISM will guide you in overcoming the drastic catastrophes of black magic. The benefited person always remains immune to any of the Black Magic attacks.

If you panic with problems, you can opt for Aura Mechanism, which renders you safety and security. It cures evil effects of past attacks and protects from all future attacks. Thereby it protects you from all the known and unknown symptoms of Black Magic aware only to those saintly scholars, who have performed extreme and occult Sadhna and attained Siddhi’s as evidenced by the founder of Aura Mechanism Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand.



The spiritual scientist Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand has been piloting 14 years of intense research on “AURA and its Implications in Human Life – Good, Bad and the Unknown” which had fetched him world fame and acclaim in pioneering this service for the deserving.

An Aghori with the fierce energy to foresee even about your existence in this world and absorb your negative energy to grant you inner peace can leave you astounded within seconds. His extra sensory perception is tuned to hold any energy in this universe and predict beyond comparison on “WHAT NEXT” in your life. His predictions on Tsunami, Kumbakonam mishap, Mumbai terrorist bouts, BJP pitfalls in last Bihar election and many more are talks of the town even now.

There comes the divine role of the father and founder of AURA MECHANISM, the miracle hands of Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand to awaken the aura and restore its previous harmony thereby a peaceful journey ahead in the life of a human is embarked on.

The AURA surrounding you can be breached by his fiery eyes and your problems can be dissolved in seconds. Acquiesce your problems with him and experience the transformation in your life. The indelible Guru for many famous politicians and efficacious personalities can render his helping hands to you also. He is revered as the rising seer with a sixth sense in Indian soil.



A chivalrous truth seeker, outright speaker and a master Predictor Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand has been bestowed with the “MOTHER THERESA AWARD” for his foresight on Tsunami. He had already predicted that 80% of the human life is going to end up in trouble. Being the “The Predictor of this Era” all the valuable remedies provided by Swami was acknowledged only by the wiser few in the society and is the true spokesperson of SANATHANA DHARMA till date.

TSUNAMI: “A violent sea and massive wash off from the shores” were his words 75 days prior Tsunami struck the shores. It was a master prediction heeded only by few people in the media but surprised the whole world.

KUMBAKONAM SCHOOL FIRE MISHAP: “Fire engulfing small school children in an area near Kumbakonam” was his vision put forth to Chief Minister Ms. J. Jayalalithaa.

MUMBAI TERRORIST ATTACK: “2006 will witness masked people entering India with weapons targeting the most business prone area “he cautioned the Govt and it happened in Mumbai.

BJP LEADER PRAMOD MAHAJANS DEATH: “Pramod Mahajan is going to start his eternal journey” Swami’s words shook the then Forest Minister Sujanapal when they were together near Lord Shiva Temple at Aluva.

CHIKUNGUNIYA, SWINE FLU: “Virus will cause havoc among people, and many will be infected” he warned the Health Minister Smt. P.K. Sreemathi in Kerala House at Delhi to take precautions. But many people got infected and died which was dismaying.

CHIEF MINISTER’S ACCIDENT: “Mr. Oommen Chandy will be hurt in an accident and abstain from official duty” was his forecast and told that in person to Chandy’s younger daughter Achu Oommen at Thiruvanathapuram and Media.

LDF’S RISE: His acquaintance with Mr. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, led him to forecast “The communist will come to power and you will get a high position“. This was told after he first met Kodiyeri at Oommen Chandy’s residence, where Chandy had commented to Kodiyeri that, this was the Swami who predicted my accident and its because of his words I am on bed.

MP’S VICTORY: “You compete for MP, you win” was Swami Stance on seeing Mr. Panniyan Raveendran at the venue of Mother Theresa Award ceremony. This took Mr. Panniyan Raveendran off guard when he became MP, wondering on Swami’s ESP.

KPCC PRESIDENT: Mr. Ramesh Chennithala, the then K.P.C.C. President survived a bribery allegation after Swami’s intervention. His prophecy to Chennithala, “you will be the next CM of Kerala if on the right path” which he is not as proved to date, add weightage to the prediction .

HIS OWN FATHER’S DEATH: “Prepare yourself for the last sight “were Swami’s words when his anxious Mother was awaiting his Father’s arrival.

HIS OWN CAR ACCIDENT: “Drive safe we may hit somewhere “he cautioned his driver while returning from the renowned Music Director Mohan Sitara’s house at Thrishur. The car hit and smashed with Swami critically hospitalized, later to be detected with no injuries, a miracle nobody understood, however the driver was safe.

FLOODS & EARTH QUAKES FORESEEN: Swami once mentioned generally, Soon some parts in India will go under water and mud and it turned true when Gujarat was flooded, followed soon by the quakes at Munnar in Kerala.

THE RELIANCE (AMBANIS’) FAMILY CONFLICT: “The Ambani’s will split” was his comment on seeing a family photo of the Ambani’s in a Reliance Mobile shop at Trivandrum, and the headlines about the Reliance conflict hit the newspapers soon after his prediction.

A.K. ANTONY’ S RESIGNATION: Antony will step down two steps, but climb up four steps in his career was Swami’s opinion which instigated Mayor Smt. Chandrika. Mr. A.K. Antony’s resigned as the CM but was placed as Central Minister of Defense soon after.

MECCA TRAGEDY: “People will be trampled in this holy place of Mecca” was Swami’s words in the office of the Kerala Midday Times, the newspaper from Ernakulam and it proved true the next day. Since then Kerala Midday Times, has published Swami’s predictions without apprehensions.

DMK RISE AND J. JAYALALITA’S FAILURE: “Party workers of J. Jayalalithaa possess a weak Aura which affects her negatively and so if she replaces them she would rule or else Karunanidhi’s party will lead in the 2006 coming election was his remarks on the crucial meeting with the party members from both AIDMK and DMK, later which witnessed DMK leader M. Karunanidhi win.

V.S. SIVAKUMAR’S FAILURE: “Mr. V.S. Sivakumar will lose miserably” was his outright thought in seeing him, while having a chat with Prof. T. K. Thampi, at a function being held in the Muscat Hotel, Trivandrum and Sivakumar did lose in the elections.

BAGHDAD MOSQUE TRAGEDY: “A reputed Mosque will explode” was the words Swami uttered while watching a function in a Mosque in the Television. Hardly a month after the prediction, the Baghdad mosque tragedy took place and shocked everyone.

MP P.K.VASUDEVAN NAIR’S DEATH: P.K. Vasudevan Nair (the then MP of Trivandrum) will leave soon and Mr. Panniyan Raveendran will become the MP of the capital, which Swami remarked to the media personnel’s. Shortly after that, Mr. P.K.V. passed away and Mr. Pannyan Raveendran became the MP.

US CALAMITY: Following a group discussion on the superiority of USA, Swami smiled and commented that, USA will go into destruction if it goes on with such an attitude and ego. But he was laughed and mocked at. Swami hit back by telling that the proof to this predictions would soon be evident and then after a few months Katrina struck and sunk the whole of Luciana, also the recession hit the normal lives in US.

PAKISTAN KASHMIR EARTHQUAKE: Mother Earth can no longer tolerate the evil in Kashmir and she would engulf everything, Swami had commented about the Pakistan Kashmir issues, and an earthquake resulted, which asserted Swami’s powers in prediction.

UDF VICTORY IN KERALA AND UPA IN CENTRE: In, 2011, the victory of UDF in Kerala, and the UPA victory prior this was foreseen by Swami. That time also Swami proved that his predictions were always accurate and evident.

MINISTER P.J JOSEPH ISSUE: Swami on seeing Mr. P.J. Joseph rushing in for a discussion with Mr. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan at Kodiyeri’s house, told Kodiyeri not to get involved in Mr. P.J. Joseph’s issue because P.J. Joseph would resign soon. While Swami was on his way back home, FM Radio was broadcasting the news of Mr. P.J. Joseph’s resignation. The accuracy of his prediction was once again proved.

PEETHAMBARA KURUP’S VICTORY: Swami advised Mr. N. Peethambara Kurup to compete in Kollam and told that he would get the seat, even though his party abandoned him. Subsequently Mr. Peethambara Kurup won amidst strong protests and lack of support from his own people.

MOHANLAL’S DEFAMATION: “Lal is going to face a lot of bad name from the society” was his prediction which he scribbled in Facebook, before Lalism came out confirming his word to be true after Mohanlal was attacked verbally in all social media and print, on the way he put forth Lalism the musical tornado. Also to the utter shame of all Malayalees he was listed as one of the persons to have sexually abused Saritha S. Nair.

JAYALALITHA’S MYSTERIOUS DEATH : Swamiji warned some of the closest aids of Jayalalitha that the Puratchi Thalaivi of Tamil Nadu will be harmed using slow poisons. As predicted Jayalalitha passed away mysteriously, a great loss to Tamil Nadu people.

KALPANA’S UNEXPECTED DEMISE : Swamiji through his extra sensory perception learned that actress Kalpana is going to face some real trouble, and within no time he informed Kalapana’s sister Kalaranjani that their family is going to weep in the name of Kalpana soon. And within 48 hours, a healthy Kalpana took her last breath during the filming of a telugu movie.

DILEEP PLUNGING INTO DEEP TROUBLE : It was on November 28, 2016 at 6:20 PM that swami foresaw the fate of Malayalam cine actor Dileep. With the help of his extra sensory perception Swami found that the bad time of Dileep had begun. As predicted, Dileep was nabbed by the Police in the actress molestation case, and he spent 84 days in jail before getting bail.

PREDICTIONS ON HURRICANE IRMA ; “DO NOT WORRY, DO NOT RUN” : Every weather report in the country predicted Hurricane IRMA to be far worse than monster Hurricane Andrew (1992). Governor of Florida ordered a mandatory evacuation starting Wednesday, September 6, 2017 from the state’s coastal regions, days before Hurricane IRMA was expected to hit Florida. More than 6.5 million people was told to evacuate. Some of Swami Bhadraanand’s worried followers from Miami-Dade, Florida’s most populous county, called him up. He consoled them (Sep 6, 2017) by saying nothing major would happen to Florida. He also assured them once again on Sep 10, 2017 that IRMA will not be as catastrophic as weather reports and news channels forecast. Screen shots of his Facebook posts on Sept 6 and 10, 2017 are below. Readers can verify it on his official Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/rgshmb.

Irma arrived on Sept 11, 2017 and went without hurting the people of Florida as predicted by Swami Bhadraanand. When 65 people were killed by Andrew, only two deaths in Florida have been attributed to Irma: One person died in a car accident in Monroe County, and another person died falling off a ladder while attaching storm shutters, according to reports. According to the National Hurricane Center, Andrew reportedly destroyed more than 25,000 homes and damaged 101,000 others, the number of homes destroyed by Irma is extremely low.

The US Government asked all the residents of Florida to evacuate from their homes as NASA predicted a devastating landfall of hurricane Irma. An Indo-US scientist named Reni Edwin Fernandez asked the Indian Spiritual Guru about this impact. Swami taught him some mantras and tantras to survive natural disasters, and when he followed that even the dangerous hurricane deviated its path, and Reni’s family survived the Hurricane in their Florida apartment without any injury.

A lot can happen in this world. Only a little can be foreseen. Is it not simply stunning to know what is going to happen ahead.



Swami’s Service, Time and Energy is on barter system. The disadvantage of rendering anything free to the people is that the service is considered valueless and taken for granted. Vedas proclaim that either serve the Guru and gain knowledge or pay him immensely in the form of Dakshina which the Guru opts for and attain knowledge or solutions to your problems. For example, after having a sumptuous meal for 1000 rupees and above and then paying 100 rupees to the food provider according to our wish is illogical. Similarly, after getting remedies for your impossible problems and paying Dakshina according to your wish is also illogical. The message convied by Swami is that all should come into the path of human service, what little one can do. “Several drops of water makes an Ocean”

Benefits attributed by your choice of appointment to meet Swami: Depends on how much you have contributed to the society and loved your fellow beings. Swami’s appointment and consultation which includes Aura Scan, Astrological Advices, Monthly Planetary Forecasts, Numerological Opinions, Gem Suggestions according to the stars and any one question from Aura Prediction and Beyond. Discourses on relevant matters like Spirituality, Mantra and Tantra for success, Lifestyle Mentoring and Higher thinking Counselling for the Young Minds and organizations on the path of human service. Evaluate yourself; Are you eligible for his appointment?

Problems are part of life. But solutions are plenty. The remedy for your problems lies in whom you approach. Here is a golden opportunity to meet the Legendary Predictor for your happiness. Service is rendered only if the problem is genuine. Baseless questions to render sight for the blind, the illiterate to gain collectorship and a butcher to become a surgeon can never be entertained.

All happenings in this world have timings: Things must be done under auspicious time and date to experience the ultimate benefit. The energy at a particular time and date highly influence you. So channelize your energy to your future benefit by doing things at the apt time and date. Auspicious Date and Time depending on star sign can be known for Marriage, Having a child, Beginning new ventures, House/Building constructions, Purchasing new vehicle GUARDING MACHINE.

Aura Remedies, Homas and Pooja’s for departed souls, Antidotes to Black Magic and unresolved issues in life and keeping enemies away. These miscellaneous services are not included in the usual consultations.

  1. Mandatory details for the appointment: Date, Time and Place of Birth.
  2. Documents essential: Letter from the concerned hierarchy or leader of the constituency and ID proof due to security reasons.
  3. Prior appointment atleast 30 days earlier to visit.

 “The incredible service of Swami is only for the deserving Pious Souls”.

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