Producer Baiju Devaraj and Actress Rasna‘s Veiled Illicit Relation Publicized

Asianet’s most famed serial Parijatham’s heroine Rasna who became the heart throb of many is nowhere around. Where is she at present and what happened to her is a mystery? The reason behind her disappearance from the serial world was explored by Avatar Today and the shocking truth, controversy and the curiosity surrounding the actress, is put forth. The apple of the eye of many serial lovers is now no more an actress but a secret wife without recognition. The hero of her life is the villain too, who can be listed among the hypocrites in the society. It is none other than the famed serial producer Baiju Devaraj.

It is ironically pertinent to state here that, as this serial director had credited the serial as a whole, he also bargained and bought the flesh and blood of Rasna who had a lot of dreams and ambitions on her acting career. Lured into many ornate promises finally she became pregnant from this director and gave birth to baby girl in Jubilee hospital. Since the news of pregnancy and child birth were out, Baiju bribed Rasna’s mother a sum of 50 lakhs. Also as a compensation for sleeping with him Baiju had given a house worth 1 crore in Poojapura to Rasna, which she later on gave her mother and sister to keep them away from her personal life. Baiju had for some time stayed in exile at a rented house behind the museum police station, which was also part of the news gathered by Avatar Today.

At present Rasna stays in a flat in Nikunjam apartments at Kazhakoottam. Everyday Baiju visits her from evening 6.00pm to 11.00pm, however some days he sleeps back there. The current news is shocking since he already has a wife and two children and his family stays in Mudavanmugal. There are no records of a legal divorce from his wife and his life with Rasna cannot be legalized as it is against the constitutional of India to have a second wife without legally divorcing the first on and it is punishable.

Baiju’s perversion does not end here. He had for days lived with the Solar Scam case heroine in a rented house near Attukal temple which is no more a secret in the mini screen set up. He had wedded the Solar Scam case heroine Shalu Menon secretly in the Padmanabha Swamy Temple at Trivandrum. For many, serial acting is their bread and butter, but for Baiju the serial field is only a facade for his sexual pleasures as narrated by his colleagues and coworkers. For sating his sexual urge, he uses his own Sandras Communication’s V-Tracks studio with all modern amenities located at Trivandrum. This is the place used by to exploit sexually, all young girls who come with the ambition of acting to him. Many who have been victims of his sexual exploitation say that, any beautiful girl who approaches him will be lured and used by this pervert and no women is safe near him, they added. Why doesn’t our law take any action against such hypocrites? Baiju does not even pay these serial actors their dues and the most effected is Kala Ranjini sister of famous actress Urvashi and late Kalpana and Naseer Sankranthi in the list who is victims to his deceit leading to great criticism in the serial industry.

Baiju’s manager Rajesh Kandala is also a primary suspect in a prostitution based group in Trivandrum. Rajesh had married a poor woman called Priya and abandoned her, ensuing which he became close to another woman named Saritha. Later there were allegations that, he also poisoned Sarithas brother when he opposed his illicit relation with his sister Saritha. Being a master in luring women, Rajesh would also sexually use them and blackmail them after taking their nude pictures. In this way he had spoiled the lives of many women till now.

Recently released Dileep Movie’s cameraman’s wife also was prey to Rajesh. He cleverly lured her into his circle and molested her after taking too many places and finally wanted to sell her for prostitution to a group near an abandoned place in Neyyar dam, but the women realized this plot and narrowly escaped. However the woman lost her mental control and at present is in treatment in a mental asylum.

Several women including house wives have been victims and still are under exploitation without any escape from this group. Several girls have been encircled in their vicious circle simply due to the craze to appear before the camera and to act. They trap these women, grab their gold and money to lead a luxurious life and force them for sexual activity with many. Since they have acquaintance with many people at the creamy layer, they don’t value the law or the law keepers. It has been known that, even underworld connections from various places in the country also support their heinous activities and work for them here. Since they are in good and close connection with the police, ordinary people fear to go against them and give complaints to the concerned authorities. Politicians are routinely bribed with money and women to be on their side and protect them. Since the media refrains from openly writing the truth, Keralam is opening doors for another Kamathipura. In the wake of leaders themselves receiving crores as bribe and performing sexual atrocities, later claiming that there is no evidence, we can just imagine in this scenario what evidence could be produced against Baiju Devaraj and his group?

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