France set to fix legal age of sexual consent as fifteen

France set to fix legal age of sexual consent as fifteen

The France government is planning to set the legal age of sexual consent as fifteen, in order to make the complicated legal system of the country to consider all kinds of sex activity with someone below the aforementioned age limit as rape.

The plan has been conceived after following the advice of several acclaimed doctors and legal experts.

Several ministers, including the Equality Minister, Marlene Schiappa, have welcomed the move. The France President, Emmanuel Macron, has wholeheartedly extended his support for the ambitious plan conceived for the protection of the children below fifteen.

As per the present law, no person can be prosecuted on the change of rape on the ground that the victim is below fifteen year of age, until and unless the persecution proves, above the glare of all doubts, that some kind of force has been exerted over the victim.

In the recent past, many rape charges, mainly those charged against those who committed sexual activity with minors, were quashed on the ground that the persecution failed to prove the necessary element of ‘force’.

Child rights activists claim that the new law would help to ensure France gives adequate attention to the protection of children.

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