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An illecebrous anecdote of a Ruthless Saffron Selcouth Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand nom de guerre THOKKU SWAMI

A Karma Yogi on a Spiritual Quest, with flair to study the Future of human life and their lifestyles.

Simply mysterious and incredibly courageous, Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand is one of India’s leading social revolutionary and reformers of the modern era and a champion of Sanathana Dharma. He is not only a sage of modern times, guru of many but also a great visionary, whose work is aimed at spreading the greatness of our Vedic culture and bringing the human race under a single ethos. His thoughts and speeches is widely on Sanatana Dharma and its true meaning as written in the Vedas and acclaimed as a rejuvenator of mankind through the eternal truths of the Cosmos. He is an ardent patriot and his wholehearted support to the expats is remarkable.

The blessed Lad Arun Chand, later known as Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand, and famed as THOKKU SWAMI, an authentic Indian Spiritual Mentor. He stepped on to this material world on 22 September 1982 as the only child of Hemachandran and Dr. Madhuja. Born into a family of gurus, his great grandfather was a renowned Shiva Yogi. He grew up as a charming and mischievous boy adored by all. Ever ready for mischief and play, full of brilliant ideas and jokes, and great at mimicking everyone with tremendous wit and humour, he never missed an opportunity to tease his neighbours. Since early childhood he was an excellent impressionist ever full of dynamism, a never ending source of new ideas for family and friends. Even now as a Sage, he often comments and jokes on his followers.

His turning Point in life arrived amidst his Engineering spell in Bangalore. Inspite of being young and ambitious, he soon discovered for himself the emptiness of the so called “elite life”. Beneath the raucous parties, the expensive clothes, jewellery and devalorized talk indulged him in woolgathering. The selfishness and insensitivity of the society deprived the sagacity of this young mind. This made him think deep and lie in waiting for somebody to understand him. Out of the blue a rantipole, a fiery AGHORI materialized before him whisking him away to the wilderness of the Himalayas. Lo and behold his transformation began and he became a strong and ardent Shiva upasak, renouncing his material thoughts and probing into the deepest erenas of spirituality. Fortunately Swami Adithya was his first guru who introduced him to all the tantric vidyas including PARAKAYA PRAVAESHANAM. Unfortunately he had to return back to his native land to keep up his word to his Guru. His ravaging mind hungered for more spiritual rituals and knowledge, leading him to Kaula Sampradhaya and Kabarnidhi Amba granted him her mentorship as Guru Nadha.


There are lot of Spiritual leaders today, but preachers with genuine Siddhi’s are rare to find. In the present day scenario all services done are a form of advertisement for name and fame. Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand has put forth his powers to help people in despair and in need of a helping hand at times of distress.

To predict the happenings in a person’s life just by seeing him is the rare blessing Swami has within himself. The immense gift to see the inner being in you and understand your past, present and future is Swami’s rare ability not perceived in any others who claim to read you. Your inner personality you are unaware of will be delineated in front of you through Swami. He can decipher the good and bad in you, and help in materializing your dreams. He can sense the intricacies of your life if you meet him. To know about our future we need to have a power to sense it and that is called as the Sixth Sense. This is inborn, however can be attained through deep penance which is very very rare. A sanyasi endowed with the power of Sixth Sense can attain great powers and do the impossible. Others who call themselves as sanyasis and lack the power of Sixth Sense can only preach things and narrate stories. He is an existing role model for the society in putting forward the concept, service should be selfless only for the deserving.

Swami’s birth and his powers have been a miracle beyond no doubt and he is known by his predictions and Mystical Powers. His tantric research and spiritual suigeneris has been commendable. He is an extraordinary person in the ordinary crowd, with an equanimity and elysian energy impossible to surpass.

Be solivagant, ethereal and numinous, and derive your querencia from the universe….. this is Swami’s Motto


Swami Vivekananda opined God’s own Country to be the land of lunatics. Sanyasis’ of all times like Jagad Guru Sree Narayanan also have never praised this land. The egregious nature of Keralites in this land has branded these morons to be suspicious, malicious, hypocrites, whifflers, perverts and apodyops. The faustian character inherent in them has even provoked them to criticize and harm great Saints and Thinkers of our land. The society in this soil has never accepted the good in anybody and always was whistle blowers to any seers or sages in path of service. In spite of such a requisite, Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand has stood the storm and worked relentlessly for the people who stood by him. He felt that he is the guardian to protect his land and people and the mud which he stands on is his motherland and his duty is to steer the people into suckeroo.

Swami is akin to a cloud, he takes up all the heated waste, moulds it to a bundle of love and showers it as pure rain on to his people irrespective of who loves him or not, sedulous in his Karma. Swami realized that the nation was falling down from the philosophical level of the old principles of Vedanta and Vedic culture, and he revered on the path to convert “Hindus to Sinduism”.

He trains young brains to lead India into prosperity and imbibe the spiritual and cultural heritage of India. He blends and programs the mind, body and soul to resolve problems in life. He visions to set up a World Vedic Heritage University not only to acquaint humanity of its single source and a continuous consistent history from the very first generation up-to-date. Even to bring about greater cohesion, peace and unity through the realization that all humanity belongs to common Vedic brotherhood. This vision according to him stands promising only if he is backed up by good souls ready to work in unity to materialize this. He is of the firm belief that spirituality is not a hindrance to progress, but enriches life and gives it new meaning. He always explains philosophy of ancient scriptures with logic of science and at the same time with dynamism and humors, the methods suitable to the modern youth.

Creatively involved in the upliftment of the society, Swami, has delved into the nooks and corner of spiritual enlightenment and procured knowledge from the ancient gurus in the snow clad mountains of Himalayas. Nothing to claim as his own, Swami has been reforming the youth into adapting our Vedic culture and rendering his service on Aura works an ancient yogic ritual ascertained and claimed as his own process of cleansing the energy of a soul sanctifying a human to lead a better life.


Call him, a social worker, a critic, revolutionist, a benefactor of the poor and above all an ardent spiritual yogi; he is the embodiment of all these traits put into one, a legendary epitome of the modern Era.

The Revolutionary protector Raja Guru Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand’s roots of spiritual inheritance stems from his maternal forefathers. His great grandfather Nani Ashaan was a true-blue, sedulous and die-hard accomplice of Sree Narayana Guru. From the time of Sree Narayana Guru’s presence in the celestial place of Aruvipuram, Nani Ashaan was the concierge and disciple for the Guru. Sree Narayana Guru and his fervent disciple Nani Ashaan together installed the famous and controversial Shiva Linga and was detrimental for the initiation of the Shiva temple in Aruvipuram.

Shri. N. Rama Panicker son of Nani Ashaan was Swami’s maternal grandfather, a devout Shiva Yogi, his maternal great grandmother, an ardent devotee of Parvathi Devi and his maternal uncles who were all famed Tantrics and renowned yogis. The gene of his ancestral DNA was bestowed upon his character and phenotype, and the sanctified spirit of his ancestors led him on to the heights of spirituality. It is true that he did not have a home of his own, a matter of fact he owns nothing, a pure Spiritual Beggar. He goes around inspiring others to live a Vedantic way of life, the life of spiritual knowledge and noble values.

By voicing his opinion in social problems he has been branded a revolutionary by the media. He is perceived and personified as a mistaken identity through the media and put forth to the society which is baffling. The real inner being and soul of Swami is enigmatic and exemplary. Media is highly capable of making or breaking an individual’s life, career, morality and place in society, which is exactly what happened in Swami’s life during his pious journey and humanitarian services.

It’s surprising how the print media which has an axe to grind can use their pens to discredit a true loving, righteous and caring person Swami Himaval Maheshwara Bhadraanand as a low criminal and law breaker by a leading Malayalam daily, “Mangalam” and its staff, especially one Mr. Stephen Arikkara a hired goon of Mangalam. The master brain behind tarnishing Swami in all the possible way through the media was D. Dhanasumod by the instigation of Raju Paul bureau chief of Mangalam. The worst image portrayed about Swami by Sreejith Augustin of Mathrubhumi was of an immoral conduct living in with some woman reflecting Sreejith’s own filthy character there. In truth Swami was living with his mother and this allegation was propagandized by Sreejith out of proportion, tarnishing Swami’s character irreparably.

Presently he is facing strong threats from the extremists belonging to all religions because he had openly discussed the blind illogical teachings, issues and the heinous crimes undertaken by some of them. The main agenda of extremists stands on communal violence and bloodshed for personal gains. Always instigations on religious issues cause the split of a country. Swami’s main stream of action always points to educate the ignorant against the malicious drive of causing hatred among people on grounds of religion. The vision behind his teachings and criticisms against communal rifts is to bring in a harmony in human thoughts and consider that all are one in this universe and should be given the right to live as one race. This led him to be a revolutionary sage in the society.

Swami is a lone warrior. He never tries to befriend cast chieftains, political principals, religious leaders, sectarian gangsters, political ringleaders or plain goons – he choose to traverse his own path. He is never afraid of criticism or negative publicity; he laughs his hurt way and just smiles; he follows his conscience which he says is God; and garners a stockpile of unjustified abuse.

As he practice spirituality and Sindhu culture, which does not sync in with the ideologies of these terrorist groups, they consider him as their enemy and rival but he is not. As he protested against the Dark forces working on the facade of anti-socials, he had to face 3 attempts to murder till now. He is striking back tooth and nail against these anti-socials through the media since he is a journalist as well.


Swami’s adolescence had been a customary combination of youth brimming with fun, frolic and friends, like any other teenager. He was gifted with an artistic aptitude towards mimics, drawing, and dance and competed in car and bike racing. None of his comrades perceived this correlation of Swami with the so called metaphysical entity. It was a close associate called Mr. Anysh Aloysius Rosario, a writer by profession who had ascertained the Extra Sensory Perceptive capabilities of Swami for the second time other than Dr. Swararaj Mani, the psychiatrist who had confirmed Swami’s elevated ESP foremost, at the age of ten years when his parents were cynical and worried about his psychic condition. This was the initial revelation about Swami’s miraculous proficiency to his family.

His education comprised of a professional computer engineering course which he did for a span of three years and after confronting constantly with his teachers for not pacifying his intellectual queries, Swami opted out for his passion-Spirituality. He was labeled a rebel quite early in life for putting forth revolutionary ideas in the corrupted and manipulated society.

His extroverted and open attitude and the introspective poise he exhibited fetched him a lot of enemies. Swami really wanted and still wants to change the destiny of the destitute. In order to quench his thirst for insight and wisdom and in the pursuit of seeking accurate answers to all his immense inner chaos he advanced his expedition to the serene and introspective Himalayas.

Swami Aditya, his guide inspired this soul-searching expedition for Swami from Bangalore to the mystifying and glorious valleys of the Himalayas. Before long, Swami envisaged that the Himalayas, the legendary giant, is a Spiritual Locker, and the saints with whom he inhabited with, were the keys to all the celestial secrets and his queries.

The myths about Himalayas is that if somebody is destined to procure Moksha or Mukthi (In Indian religions, Moksha or Mukti, literally means “Release / Liberation / Freedom from the Body”, which means liberation from samsara (release from the wheel of birth and death) and the concomitant suffering involved) in the lofty laps of the Himalayas, his possessions, if any, of the perennial and spiritual sort, are preserved there itself until the related person returns in his rebirth to acquire it back.

The doctrine also emphasizes the faith that the spiritual wealth once reserved in the Himalayas has to be retrieved in the rebirth by its owner. Swami was also assigned to reach there to redeem the divine assets of his previous birth. He was overwhelmed by the affection and blessings heaped on him by the benevolent saints and hence could not decline when they persuaded him to go back towards his Karmabhoomi (the land of one’s destiny) in the South, his own native land, Kerala.

Back home from the Himalayas, Swami was a transformed soul. Reticent and pensive, he isolated himself from his former spiritual group. Even when he had incidentally met by chance with a few of them, it was obvious that an ethereal energy hindered all the rendezvous. All along those days Swami was engrossed in his own thoughtful silence spending his pensive days beneath the canopy of Vata Vriksha (banyan tree) and beside the seaside, cleansing his aura and pondering answers to all his mystified queries. Gradually the aforesaid society which once renounced the exuberance and ability of Swami strolled upon the trail enlivened by Swami.

Swami valued the reformation of his earlier opponents to the new revival as comrades and followers. Reflecting the artistry of Self Realization, Swami spent an enormous amount of time in trying to understand the force behind creation and its fulfilment. He has acquired siddhis (special mystical powers) that enabled him to analyze a person retrospectively in and out. Disseminating his senses well above the human conscience, the blessed one comprehends the individual in his human form and visualizes his sanctity from the spiritual state, and provides resolutions that carefully untie and unite the knots of one’s “Karma”. The peace and tranquility achieved by the mere sight of Swami is said to emanate brilliance equal to the blaze of a thousand suns. A highly scientific and logical mind finds safe haven in the divine sacrosanctity of Swami and he is known to be more of a pragmatic soul with a discreet, modern and concrete approach, not forsaking and negating worldly life. The spiritual guidance acknowledged by his devotees speaks volumes about the life they lead and the impediments they had overcome.

The elements that constitute the human body are but nature, but the realm of the mind is still debated. With fervent meditation and with the blessings of universal parents, Swami is the embodiment and one of those great souls who possess the knowledge to retort about the most complex questions ever intriguing the mankind. As evidenced by Swami our mind is controlled by the veiled factors that govern the transcendent self, in the form of electromagnetic waves, and the constant flow of energy towards and from the Self.

Swami uses the power of meditation to relieve the anguishes of his disciples by prudently using and harmonizing the power of electromagnetic forces in the human body. Every part of the universe is created on scientific and mathematical theorems. They seemingly look quite complex but are the basic structure/formulae that embody the complexity. Swami uses the same formulae used by nature to generate peace and tranquility. He has revealed in himself the ability to change the destiny of a person- through Swami’s intervention by the powerful process of AURA MECHANISM researched intensely by him.

Hosting a wide array of holistic services, Swami offers his wisdom and invigorates the blessings of God/Super Consciousness to heal the minds of his disciples. Swami offers a platform to those who seek revitalization in life and for those truth and peace seekers, where the effects are readily perceptible. For many years now a wide range of disciples has attained peace and had their illness removed by his mystical cure. He has muzzled his critics with his accurate predictions which also have won him many laurels. Wealth seekers also get wealthy by mind and money by changing and fine-tuning their aura through him.


Swami Bhadraanand is an enigmatic descendant of modern era. Devotees do not throng him. His passion is to pursue the mysterious. He is in the making of Sanyasi’s. Material benefits is not his priority and his acquaintance is a pride for who knows him. Curbing political malice’s in the society; Upliftment of downtrodden and the sick; Motto in life is charity. You benefit his wisdom and thoughts only if you are not a fraud. The mind of a sincere woman, the spiritual divinity and Swami’s services are things which cannot be bought by MONEY. The benefits gathered from his acquaintance will be, to understand your inner self, your good and bad energy, to make your dreams a reality.

A garland of flowers in one hand and rudraksha in the other hand is not his trade mark. When the sperm of belief is poured into him, there starts the birth of his belief in you. He treads on the path of justice for the people and their rights. His act of Karma instigates him to destroy the unjust, face to face rather than raising his hands in symbolizing “OM SHANTHI”

Intense sadhana, the realization of universal love; the satisfaction derived from seeing others’ ignorance being reduced; and the unbounded grace of one’s guru; are his hall marks as a SWAMI. Your personality and character will mirror through him: If you are sincere then you recapitulate his sincerity. A hypocrite finds him fraudulent. An intellectual identifies him to be a genius but, a fool recognizes him to be a dunce.

If you are advantageous to the society you understand him the best. You know his name, but not the story behind his name. Interpret him, but be genuine on him. You’ve heard what media opines on him, not his true endeavors. Do not underestimate him, until you have challenged him. You may have understood his thoughts, but not his perceptions. Converse about him, but do not gossip and tarnish him.

Experience and inculcate his views, his support to the people spurned in the society and his brave foot forward to eradicate the antisocial elements creating havoc.

Dagger for Roses has been an inevitable lesson for his existence. His shoulders always welcome a patriotic death and cowardice is not his stream of thought. His life is laid down in the path of love and he lives a selfless life. The revelations of his inner passion may be of despair or tranquility thrown open to his people to judge. It’s your turn to follow or despise his array of actions, be it any… seek to understand others before you seek to be understood.

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