Escaped Chilean guerrilla leader found in France

Escaped Chilean guerrilla leader found in France

Infamous Chilean guerrilla leader Palma Salamanca has been found in France after the authorities received a tip off about the presence of the former extremist in the European liberal country.

As per an International media’s report, the arrested guerrilla has been released on bail on the condition that the arrestee shall report personally in the police station every day until the authorities direct not to do so.

Meanwhile, the Chilean government, as per a local report, has initiated measures to bring back the guerrilla, who escaped the jail while serving a prison term for killing a senior conservative politician.

The government, as per the International media report, have approached an acclaimed International lawyer who possesses significant expertise in handling extradition cases.

The guerrilla group, in which the arrested guerrilla once worked, is still one of the most powerful groups in the country.

Some of the former members of the group now hold dignified positions in the country in which the people are extremely divided over the ideology lines.

The Patriotic Front of Manuel Rodriguez is the name of the group in which the arrested guerrilla once worked.

This group was once one of the most powerful opponents of the military government led by Dictator General Augusto Pinochet.

It is unlikely that the Chilean public supports the government’s decision to bring back the war hero into the country to make him severe the remaining jail sentence imposed over him by the erstwhile autocratic regime.



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