Cold weather attacks Europe

Cold weather attacks Europe

The cold weather condition has engulfed each and every country in the region almost equally, putting the normal life of Europeans in a deep trouble and misery.

The freezing wind, which normally occurs in this season, and which is commonly called ‘the Beast from the East’, has considerably reduced the temperature of each and every country situated in this continent.

In some regions, the temperature level has reached a dangerously low temperature of -30 Celsius.

The International aid agency has sent their representatives in large numbers to the worst-hit regions of the continent.

Though the actual intensity of the beast is not known at this moment, the news agencies and the aid working stationing in the sensitive region in the continent claims that the extreme cold weather is inflicting severe damages across the continent.

The respective countries have advised the disaster management sector officials to stay vigilant and stay connected with the people, particularly with those people living in the vulnerable regions.

As per the latest updates, at least seven people have died because of this unpleasant climatic condition; of these seven, five are Poles and two are Romanians.

The Red Cross Emergency Team has opened temporary shelters across the continent. Noteworthy, they have offered medical care, blankets and food materials for those staying in the camp.

It is high time for the global organisations to consider the warnings regarding the global warming more seriously.

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