China scraps president’s term-limit

China scraps president’s term-limit

After the fall of the erstwhile Soviet Union, the communist China was given powerful positions in almost all powerful multilateral organisations by the west and was encouraged to do business with the rest of the world as the west firmly believed that once China grows economically and its markets integrates properly with the rest of the world the iron curtain country’s people itself will pressurise the country to leave its oppressive character and embrace a western style society.

The recent developments, such as the China’s growing presence in the South China Sea, the introduction of the Belt and Road Initiative, which, as per a expert’s view, likely to act as an economic web, and the unrestricted and irrational use of ‘hard power’ towards the neighbours, has already given some clear hints to the west that it is not a kind of country which exchanges its basic character for the people’s good and change.

Now, giving a clear hint to the west where the country is heading for, the Chinese government has decided to scrap the term limit prescribed for the contesting in the election in a way, which enable the present leader, President Xi Jinping, to stay in power as long as he chooses to, and also approved the plan to hike the military budget spending almost eight per cent higher than what it was in the previous year.

The term-limit was originally imposed to avoid the emergence of an autocratic leader like Mao.

By mocking the democratic values preached by the west and by showing adherence to strengthen its hard power, China indirectly tells the west it has become what the west don’t want it to become: an autocratic aggressive nation.

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