Catalonians protest against King Felipe’s visit

Catalonians protest against King Felipe’s visit

The King of Spain, King Felipe, who reached Barcelona to attend the Mobile World Congress technology fair, got a ‘bad’ welcome in Catalonia, as the pro-independence protesters organised several protests across the region to express their disapproval against the visit of King.

The latest visit of King was the first visit after the execution of the controversial referendum in Catalonia.

The developments happened after the referendum was the reason the protesters highlight to perform protests against the central authority, particularly against the King.

Earlier, immediately after the referendum, the central authority declared it as invalid and dissolved the regional government which declared a referendum in the region unilaterally.

After taking the authority of administration forcefully, the central government arrested several pro-independence leaders and activists for working to achieve independence.

The action of the central government forced some senior leaders of pro-independence faction, including sacked Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont, to seek political asylum in Brussels.

Though these events created a sense of sympathy towards the regional pro-independence leaders, the pro-independence group could only secure a slender margin in the election, which occurred after the dissolution of the regional government which had been ruled by a pro-independent faction with a concrete majority.

Recently, in a survey report, it was reported that the support for the pro-independence faction was constantly decreasing.

As per the expert’s opinion, the threat of gradually decreasing support was the real reason why the pro-independence activists decided to launch a protest against the King of Spain.

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